SAIL guarantee member is a high quality intertional logistics enterprise with global vision,integrity management,sustained development.

一  Accession conditions:

1.Companies related to the international logistics industry.

2.Enterprise independent legal entity.

3.Enterprise integrity management for more than 3 years.

4.If the enterprise is operating for less than 3 years,but qualified one of these conditions,you can also apply to join SAILn:

  • (1)Recommended by one or more SAIL port chairman units.
  • (2)Recommended by three or more SAIL guarantee members.
  • (3)With NVOCC qualification.
  • (4)Membership of two or more associations or organizations.

二  Values for members

1.Advance overseas Chinese logistics enterprises connecting China’s logistics market quickly.

  • (1)Focus on overseas Chinese logistics service resources development.
  • (2)The number of overseas members of the alliance is increasing rapidly.
  • (3)The cost of establishing global logistics service capability is greatly reduced.

2.Advance overseas Chinese logistics enterprises connecting China’s logistics market quickly.

  • (1)The alliance has great influence in China.
  • (2)The offline meeting activity of alliance is high. The number of domestic participants ranked number one in the industry.
  • (3)The alliance is supported by the internet products accumalated over the years.

3.Advance global Chinese logistics enterprises establish efficient and secure network of cooperation.

  • (1)Enterprises joining publicity
  • (2)Protection plan for high paid.
  • (3)The star rating system for the quality of service

    The SAIL center adopts the star rating system for the quality of service between members.The star of guarantee members can be searched via SAIL website and “货货”APP.

    The basic rules of stars:the stars of new guarantee members are two.

    The rules of adding stars:An increase in June or December each year.Half of star once,one star in a year.

    The rules of reducing stars:Service complaint but no direct loss,a complaint was made successfully once,reduce a star,untill the number of stars is hero.

    The rules of complaint:only for the cooperation between guarantee members.the complaint adopts a real name system,and the SAIL center protects the complainer’s privacy strictly.all complaint will be recorded.

  • (4) Risk information sharing

    The alliance center will collect risk imformation from the Government credit system, SAIL member internal integrity mechanism,and other social media market.It will be released by authority through the official website of SAIL and “货货”APP,and it will push the risk information to members through EMAIL,message and “货货”APP.

4.Advance global Chinese logistics enterprises promote their own brand effectively.

  • The basic information of alliance members,advantage of the service information and the special service information will be promotion online through the offline meeting,alliance publications,online SAIL official website,WeChat subscription and “货货”APP.Strengthen the mutual cooperation of the alliance members and the Integrity of the brand market.