SAIL aims to build an exchange platform for intertional logistics enterprises,promote integrity cooperation,we insist “SHARE INTEGRITY DEVELOPMENT”as our principle.Provide high quality services for SAIL guarantee members.Ensure the rights and interests for guarantee members.Ensure the healthy development of the intertional logistics industry.

The service of SAIL center:

1.In charge of the application and qualification for new security members.

2.In charge of the platform publicity for the enterprise who passed the application.

3.In charge of the coordination between the guarantee members.

4.In charge of the financial guarantee plan.

5.In charge of the membership information files.

6.In charge of the promotion for guarantee members.

7.In charge of the follow-up and maintenance work for guarantee members.

8.In charge of the assistance in the activities.

Contace us:

Free calls from Chinese Mainland:400 888 1727